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Garage doors are not as uncomplicated as they appear to be! They are a complex system of springs and components that are responsible for its smooth performance. Through these springs, the garage doors are opened or closed. It is important to note that the load of these heavy doors rests on these tiny springs that wears them out or breaks them over time. 

Ignoring these broken springs can be a huge risk to not only you but also the ones you care about! This is why you need regular checks of you garage doors and especially the springs. These checks can be carried out by professionals like USA Garage Doors who understand the intricacy of these components and check them thoroughly. Our professionals can also perform quick repair work if they find something’s amiss, such as tightening the springs.

Any garage door technician worth his salt would know what springs are and what role do they play. Moreover, they would also possess the skills and experience required to fix them if the door malfunctions. They are an important part of a garage door and must be picked carefully, based on the weight and size of the door. If chosen incorrectly, these garage doors can perform poorly, compromising your safety and that of your property too.

USA Garage Doors has been a go-to garage door service for its clients in La Palma, CA area and has helped all its residential and commercial customers for the last ten years. If you need 24/7, reliable service at the drop of a hat, USA Garage Doors is always there for you!

Torsion springs

USA Garage Doors  La Palma, CA 562-419-2017Extension springs are the thing of the past which has now been replaced by new-age torsion springs, an important part of a garage door. The latter has a complex mechanism but it is also far more reliable than its previous counterpart. The torsion springs have been designed intuitively, using the equal distribution of weight technique that transfers evenly through cables that are linked with drums at its both ends. To allow the weight to spread uniformly, it is wrapped with a spring tightly over a shaft. As a result, the door is able to hold the weight more firmly and there is less instance of damage when the spring breaks suddenly.

However, torsion springs are also a complicated job and can only be installed, maintained and repaired by someone who has the expertise - we suggest that you choose USA Garage Doors . We have years of experience and knowledge to help you with all kinds of doors and springs, especially torsion springs. We can also help you pick a suitable spring for your door and also install it for you.

Extension springs

Unlike torsion springs, extension springs are cheaper and are based on the fundamentals of expansion and contraction. Anytime your garage door is closed, the spring expands in its position and contracts when the door is opened. These springs hold within them high amount of tension and should only be handled by an experienced professional. Incorrect handling of these springs may cause them to snap and lead to serious injury.

It is highly recommended that you use a reliable company, such as USA Garage Doors , to conduct regular maintenance checks on these springs and doors. Call us today to know more about our garage door services.